8th product test session: Shredded duck

Creation Date
gourmets de france


ACCORDING TO THE JUDGES : A finished product, a "cooking aid", boneless and shredded by hand, which allows a multitude of final culinary compositions. And when such a taste serves as a basis, you can only succeed in your recipe.

Johan LECLERRE: "The look, colour and smell are great! I have nothing more to say. When you see the product presented, as it is, you see that everything is there, concentrated? It's melt-in-the-mouth and tender. Whether you smell it or taste it, you have the flavour of a well-marked duck. It's very high quality.”

Bruno GAUVIN: "Excellent! It's well spiced. It's very positive! Nice look, nice colour, it's good!”

Anthony POLGE: "It's frankly very tasty.”

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