Bayonne, truly inspired ham

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Ham from our terroir, certified for 20 years 

When it comes to Bayonne Ham, nothing comes close to Made-in-Sud-Ouest certification. Exactly 20 years ago, this exceptional ham was given a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), confirming its truly incredible quality. If there is one local specialty that requires patience, expertise and careful selection, it is Bayonne ham:

  •           The pork's origin is strictly regulated. Pork are born and raised in the great South-West region of France.
  •           Its traditional recipe, protected and passed down through generations, uses a unique curing process with Salies-de-Béarn salt (which is also PGI protected).
  •           The process for curing and aging hams, also produced in specific areas of the Bassin de l'Adour, is an ode to patience, lasting a minimum of 9 months.
  •           Finally, products are sealed with the Basque cross, the "Lauburu", definitively guaranteeing production methods have been followed and the unique characteristics of Bayonne Ham.

Processes, production units and locations that respect tradition to the letter 

In the past, Bayonne ham was dried in the open air in the lofts of farms in the South West of France. Their slow aging was soothed through the seasons by the interaction between the warm Foehn wind arriving from the south across the Pyrenees and the humid air arriving from the ocean. This unique situation is what gave the ham unrivalled tenderness and softness.

Today we recreate the same natural phenomenon in our curing cellars in the Bassin de l'Adour. To maintain the same conditions as in days gone by, our hams are dried and aged in the same setting responsible for Bayonne ham's unique flavours. Unlike other hams, Bayonne ham is dried in cold temperatures, which gives the ham a soft mouthfeel and a light hazelnut flavour.

The ideal premium ham for gourmet inspiration

The four key ingredients for an exceptional product:


Bayonne Ham's unique curing process using the 100% natural and particularly soft rock salt from Salies de Béarn creates a gently salted product ideal for all occasions that can be both cold and cooked. Its full, easy-to-pair flavour can of course be served cold but also oven-cooked, fried, barbecued and even griddled... Any of these ideas is good as long as we enjoy it.

Raw or cooked, with breakfast, brunch, lunch or snacks, our Bayonne Ham is perfect for every moment of the day. It can be used in a huge number of recipes guaranteed to delight the taste buds.

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Did you know? The history of Bayonne Ham truly is the stuff of legend!

In the 14th century, the Count of Foix, Gaston Fébus, is said to have wounded a wild boar while on a hunt. This would simply have been par for the course had the animal not been found a few months later in the salty waters of Salies-de-Béarn. The meat was fully preserved! And so, it was that salt from the Bassin de l'Adour was discovered to have exceptional preservative effects. The infamous Salies-de-Béarn cure was born.

Bayonne Ham has roots in various cities in the Bassin de l’Adour, but it was the hub of shipping activity in Bayonne's port that really allowed its standing and renown to grow - which is why it is known as Bayonne ham.