The Block of Foie Gras in all its forms

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It is not always easy to make appetizers, starters or quality food in a very short time and for a large number of people, yet it is your life.

SARRADE is here for you, offering you new products tailored to your needs.

In order to guarantee you the perfect harmony between traceability and impeccable quality, our Foie Gras are from ducks born, raised and prepared in France.

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Packaging them within a protective atmosphere provides a reliable preservation. The gentle cooking of our Blocks of Foie Gras with bits ensures optimal conservation of the organoleptic qualities of our Foie Gras.

For practicality and in order to save time during training, we offer a format of 12 slices of the Block of Foie Gras 30% Bits suited to your needs, using breakable trays. The exact 40 g slices will allow you complete control of your portion cost.

Delicately seasoned with salt and spices, this Block of Duck Foie Gras 30% Bits will provide all the aromas of the original Foie Gras.

Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard 2x6 tranches 480g

Block of Duck Foie Gras 30% Bits 480 g (12 slices) Sarrade

This Block of Duck Foie Gras 30% Bits is the perfect compromise between practicality, simplicity, speed and product quality, at the best price!

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