Breast of duck, the favourite gourmet treat of the French.

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Sarrade, a historic producer of fattened duck, is one of the best-known suppliers of raw duck breasts for restaurant owners. As a passionate and promotional supplier Sarrade is committed to reinvigorating this flagship of French gastronomy, the acknowledged favourite dish of the French!

Breast of duck is a dish with a simply inimitable flavour and remains a staple feature of our beautiful culinary culture. Let’s not forget that magret (breast of duck) - once called maigret, because it is low in calories - is a meat which comes exclusively from ducks bred for the production of foie gras! Its juicy texture, its tenderness, its very nice duck flavour therefore certainly do not happen just by chance.

Like all Sarrade fattened duck specialties, the duck breasts which we offer are all sourced from our 100% French chain integrated into the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour. The traceability and quality of the products are totally assured, and animal welfare is given the greatest importance. From our farms in the South West and the Vendée, our farmers carry on their work and look after their ducks on a daily basis, with great passion and love for their own terroir (region).


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Always with the objective of simplifying life in the kitchen, Sarrade offers various sizes of breasts of duck which will suit the Chefs’ ideas and enable the cost per portion to be controlled. Its range is available fresh or frozen for certain products. Many Chefs have already had the pleasure of discovering our range of frozen products, which offers genuine ease of supply and stock management. Less waste for just as much taste pleasure! Indeed, deep-freezing enhances the tenderness of the meat without altering its organoleptic qualities. So, the breast of duck is just as delicious as when it is fresh! A little tip - the residual juice from defrosting can be used as a deglazing base or as an aid for cooking in foil or vacuum cooking. Moreover, when vacuum cooked or in an oven casserole, the breast of duck does not even have to be defrosted first. A great way to save time.

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In this way the breast of duck can be reinvented, and benefits from this very nice feature: it can be adapted to all types of cooking! Tasty, and quick to prepare, it is perfect in the oven, in foil, pan-fried, barbecued, griddled, or even in tartar sauce... Any of these ideas is good as long as we enjoy it.

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