Duck breast carpaccio with rocket pistou, young vegetable vinaigrette & a touch of wasabi

Difficulty :
Preparation :
24 hours in advance + 30 min
Baking :
10 min
Type of recipe :

INGREDIENTS for 8 people: 

4 duck breasts  
1 handful of rocket 
1 small bunch of purple basil 
1 small bunch of purple basil   
200g of olive oil 
60g of ground almonds  
Bitter almond extract 
1 squeezed lemon  
8 mini carrots with leaves 
8 mini turnips with leaves 
8 mini leeks 
8 mini spring onions 
8 mini fennels 
8 white cauliflower buds 
8 purple cauliflower buds  
8 Romanesco cabbage buds  
200g of peas  
150g of shelled beans 
16 red cherry tomatoes 
16 yellow tear drop tomatoes 
1 handful of green beans 
A few salad leaves   
8 white asparagus tips 
4 sliced pink radishes  
100g of thick fresh cream 
20g of Wasabi paste 

6 tablespoons of olive oil 
2 tablespoons of sherry vinegar 
1 pinch of salt 
2 turns of the pepper mill 


24 hours before: 
Prepare the nerves and aponeurosis of the duck breasts. 
Remove the fat and keep only a 3cm/8cm strip (to form a imitation handle). 
Wrap the duck breasts with cling film.
Freeze them flat. 

Toss the rocket and the green and purple basil leaves in a mixing bowl.
Add the ground almond, lemon juice and a few drops of bitter almond.
Mix and pour in the olive oil. Set aside in a cool place. 
Trim and wash all vegetables. 
Cook carrots, turnips, leeks, spring onions, patty pan squash, courgettes, peas, broad beans and green beans separately in salted boiling water. Cook them "al dente". 
Immediately chill them in ice water. Drain them and keep them at room temperature. 
Mix the cream and Wasabi. 
Use a brush to smear the bottom of the large plates with pistou. 
Thinly slice the duck breast with a ham machine and place the slices on the pistou. 
Take the brush again and smear with pistou. Keep in a cool place. 
Mix the vinaigrette and season all the vegetables and salad. 
Arrange everything nicely on the plate.   
Finish with a few dashes of Wasabi cream. 

Enjoy your meal