Duck magrets in orange with glazed carrots

Difficulty :
Preparation :
30 min
Baking :
10 min
Type of recipe :
Main course

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

2 duck magrets oranges Juice of 2 oranges dessertspoonful sugar dessertspoonful wine vinegar
200 ml chicken stock
2 dessertspoonfuls Grand Marnier
1 dessertspoonful starch
12 carrots with their tops
40 g butter
dessertspoonful crushed coriander seed
Freshly-milled pepper


Peel the carrots, keeping the tops.

Lay them flat in a sauté pan, cover with water, then add the butter and coriander seed. Season with salt and pepper. Cover with a circle of baking parchment, of the same diameter as the inside of the pan, and with a 1 cm diameter hole in the middle.

Cook over a gentle heat until all the water has evaporated. Keep warm.

Wash the oranges, take off the zest and cut into thin julienne strips. Scald them for 2 minutes, cool and dry. Peel those oranges right down to the flesh, and quarter.

Put the sugar and vinegar in a saucepan and heat slowly to produce a dark blonde caramel. Add the chicken stock, orange juice and zest. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 20 minutes over a gentle heat.

Use a knife to score a criss-cross pattern in the skin side of the magrets and season with salt and pepper.

Cook for about 15 minutes and keep warm using a sheet of aluminium foil.

Mix the Grand Marnier and starch together in a small bowl. Pour that preparation into the sauce, stirring all the time. Add the orange quarters and the residual cooking juices from the magrets and simmer for 5 minutes.

Slice the magrets and arrange them on the confit carrots.

Pour the sauce over.


Enjoy your meal