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Sarrade sauces: A pinch of sophistication

Looking for a way to make any dish sublime? Sarrade has the solution with an endless choice of delicious and original sauces.

Sarrade sauces are available fresh and ready to use, and can be quickly heated up in a bain-marie, steam cooker or microwave. Presented in 1 kg doypack bags with a resealable twist-off stopper, ensuring longer conservation and cost optimization with exact portions. Designed by culinary experts, our products are produced from traditional recipes. Cooking instructions are specific to each recipe in order to preserve the flavor and organoleptic qualities of each ingredient.

From our latest creations, discover:

Blanquette de Mar Sauce

Composed of 46% cream, this colorant-free and artificial flavoring-free recipe adds a touch of originality to your fish and seafood dishes.

Image en situation de la sauce blanquette de la mer

Basque Sauce

Composed of more than 60% vegetables, this colorant-free and artificial flavoring-free vegetarian recipe is the perfect accompaniment for fish, poultry and other white meats.

Image en situation de la sauce basquaise

Foie Gras Sauce

This creamy and sophisticated foie gras recipe, seasoned with a dash of port, pairs perfectly with red meat, poultry and fresh pasta.

Image en situation de la sauce au foie gras


Sarrade also offers many other recipes to brighten up your dishes, including amongst many others chorizo sauce and cep sauce.

To find out more about these products and discover the entire range, contact your sales adviser.