Foie gras emulsion, scallop roasted in its shell, dried magret & baby girolles

Difficulty :
Preparation :
25 mns
Baking :
15 mns
Type of recipe :
Main course

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

4 extra-large scallops attached to their shells

16 dried magret slices

1 dessertspoonful solid duck fat

210 g chicken stock (reduced salt)

100 g cream

35 g butter

50 g part-cooked foie gras

150 g fresh baby girolles


Grains of paradise

Espelette pepper

A few borage flowers



Open and trim the scallops, leaving them attached to their shells, and clean thoroughly.

Trim and clean the girolles.

Sauté them with 20 g of butter. Set aside in a warm place.


Prepare the foie gras “fleurette”:

Reduce the chicken stock by half (check the level of salt).

Add the cream and cook for 5 minutes.

Mix with the remaining butter and the chilled foie gras.

Season with grains of paradise and add salt if needed.


Season the scallops with salt and Espelette pepper.

Add a knob of fat to each of them.

Bake for 3/5 minutes in the oven at 180 °C.

Arrange the girolles and dried magret slices on the scallops.

Using a hand blender, whisk the foie gras “fleurette” into an emulsion, and pour over the scallops.

Decorate with a few borage flowers.

Serve the scallops straight away on a bed of coarse salt to hold them steady.

Enjoy your meal