Foie gras mini burgers on a stick

Difficulty :
Preparation :
10 min
Baking :
Type of recipe :

10x30g mini burger rolls with sesame seeds 30g
150g of rhubarb chutney
10 slices of semi-preserved foie gras  salt/pepper  10g
50 g of vegetable crisps
100g of beet leaves
50g of fennel sprouts or micro greens shiso cress
1 x Delpeyrat balsamic vinegar cream
10 wooden skewers 10/15 cm
1 large tall glass or a vase
500 g of sesame seeds or poppy seeds


Cut the rolls in half

Spread chutney on the lower half, add the crushed crisps, and then the foie gras slice

Garnish with a few beet leaves and sprouts, season with a few drops of cream of vinegar. Top with the upper half of the burger rolls. Stab from below using the skewers.

Serve in a vase (large glass) full of sesame seeds or poppy seeds

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