Fresh courgette in a spicy italian escabeche marinade, "long maturing" dry duck breast, olives and quail egg mimosa

Difficulty :
Preparation :
40 min
Baking :
30 min
Type of recipe :

INGREDIENTS for 8 people: 

32 slices of dried "long maturing” duck breast  
8 large Violin courgettes   
4 hen eggs 
80g of pitted black olives 
12 quail eggs 
¼ of a bunch of chervil  
20g of capers  
A few oxalis leaves in spring
A few leaves of peppered watercress in spring and summer

Balsamic vinaigrette: 
2 tbsps of balsamic vinegar 
7 tbsps of olive oil 
1 tbsp of soy sauce 

Italian Escabeche marinade: 
3ml of cider vinegar   
3ml of water  
20 mint leaves 
A few sprigs of fresh oregano 
3 cloves of garlic, each one cut into 4 
Frying oil 
Pepper from the mill 
Coarse salt 


The day before, wash the courgettes.  
Cut 8 slices lengthwise (1cm thick).  
Set aside in a cool place.
Cut into thin strips for the trimmings. 
Using a colander let them drain their liquid for 30 minutes by adding some coarse salt. 
Rinse and dry them well before frying. 
Heat the deep fat fryer to 170°C. 
Dip the thinly sliced courgette in the fryer and leave to brown for 5/7 minutes.  
Dry them on absorbent paper. 
Then mix them with the finely chopped mint leaves. 
Heat the cider vinegar and water, add the chopped garlic and oregano. Salt and pepper. 
When cold, pour over the courgette-mint mixture. It must barely cover them.
Refrigerate for 24 hours. 

The very day, cook the 8 beautifully sliced courgette strips in boiling salted water. 
Cook them until crispy. Cool them in a container of ice water. 
Make the balsamic vinaigrette using balsamic vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce and ground pepper. 
Drain and dry the courgette slices on a cloth, then marinate them in a dish with the balsamic vinaigrette for 5 minutes. 
Cook the 4 hen eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then cool and shell them. 
Put the egg whites and yolks of the hardboiled egg through a strainer separately. 
Slice the olives.  
Cook the quail eggs for 4 mins in boiling water, shell them and cut them in half.  
Finely chop the chervil. 
Drain the marinated courgette slices and place them in the middle of the plates, setting aside the vinaigrette. 
On top of them, place the dried slices in the escabeche marinade.   
Sprinkle with egg white. 
Mix the olives with the capers, the chervil and the balsamic vinaigrette from the marinade.  
Spread this mixture over the escabeche. 
Arrange the slices of "long maturing” dried duck breast nicely on the plate. 
Decorate with the egg yolk and salad leaves, add the quail eggs. 

Serve very fresh 

Enjoy your meal