For its 170th anniversary, Sarrade revisits its original recipe but not the origin of its foie gras: 100% FRENCH!

Creation Date

For its 170th anniversary, Sarrade takes you back to the times when its trusted company was founded!

This new product, which honours the original recipe of Léon SARRADE, recalls the true flavours of foie gras. You will discover our whole Duck Foie Gras at its simplest:  hand seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper giving it a beautiful, subtly marbled appearance.

If this recipe is ancestral, so is our know-how! Manual seasoning ensures better control and uniform taste: the foie gras is perfectly balanced both in taste and visual aspect.

By rediscovering the authentic flavours of foie gras, you will be able to appreciate the quality of our livers: from hatching and rearing to processing, everything takes place on the wonderful territory of France for wholly French ducks.

Sarrade guarantees total transparency and traceability thanks to the integrated network of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, of which SARRADE is a member. 

The tray packaging allows easy and quick removal and its trapezoid format makes it ideal for obtaining perfectly formed slices. The 1 kg format allows you to obtain up to 32 slices.

There is no need for frills to enjoy it either: just a few toasted slices of tasty farmhouse bread will do the trick!

Also discover our tasty marriage between Sauternes and our Duck Whole Foie Gras.