The Label Rouge duck breast by Sarrade

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For us, trust is a historical value, one that we have been committed to since the beginning of our culinary adventure. From 1850 to today, we have put all of our passion into the quality of our produce, the transmission of know-how, respecting tradition and of course, the taste. 

The scope of what Sarrade has to offer is proof of this: ducks from France or PGI certified. Our range of products is completed by a third label: the Label Rouge [Red Label]. A label subject to precise and strict specifications guarantees a high level of quality. 


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Here is the new addition to the Sarrade range, a Label Rouge breast of duck that lavishly melts in your mouth, a source of culinary inspiration. 

Magret Canard Label Rouge

 The label rouge breast of duck in a few words


Our ducks, of the Mulard breed, are reared with free access to the grassy areas for a minimum of 102 days in South West France. 


Our ducks are fattened for 12 days and receive a minimum of 24 meals made up of 99% whole grain corn. The ration is adapted to each animal and the grain is added gradually in order to respect the animal. 


The duck breasts weigh a minimum of 350g. They are delicately trimmed by hand before being packaged. All within 48 hours of slaughter. 


The traceability of our products is 100% controlled. Indeed, with the help of the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour we control all stages: reproduction, hatching, breeding, slaughtering and packaging. Thus, our integrated supply chain guarantees a perfectly controlled traceability.