The Montmartre club sandwich, duck rillettes, apple and beetroot

Difficulty :
Preparation :
10 min
Baking :
Type of recipe :
Main course

INGREDIENTS (for 8 people)

16 slices of wholemeal bread  

600g shredded duck (duck rillette)

2 small boiled beetroots

1 green apple

4 teaspoons capers



Open the packed of shredded duck and cut 16 slices of the same thickness

Peel the beetroot and use a mandolin to cut them into 16 very thin slices

Toast the bread

Meanwhile, wash and cut the apple into thin sticks

Place between 2 slices of toasted bread: Place 2 slices of beetroot, 2 slices of duck rillette, a few apple sticks and a few capers between 2 slices of toasted bread

Use a skewer to hold it in place

Serve immediately




Enjoy your meal