New practical six-unit packaging!

Creation Date

A 100% French duck and that is par for the course at Sarrade!

You are already familiar with the unmistakable Sarrade duck breast from 100% French ducks: born, raised & processed in France, in our South-Western or Vendée countryside, for an authentic meat with a unique taste! 

If our duck breasts are so tender, it is also because they have been raised with attention by our member farmers, passionate about their work. We are sure of this, thanks to our membership of a sector that is part of the Maïsadour cooperative group: we control every stage to ensure animal welfare.

1 package, 6 duck breasts and professionals won over!

That is not all, Sarrade also wants to meet your expectations as precisely as possible to facilitate your work. That’s why we are proud to present our newest product: a vacuum-packed packaging of 6 duck breasts.

This vacuum-packed packaging includes 6 duck breasts graded between 380 and 410 g to ensure regular portions and to control the portion cost as closely as possible.

A timeless duck breast to be prepared both raw and cooked! Here again, the range of possibilities is vast: you are free to prepare it on flattop grills, on barbecues, in foil envelopes, in the oven... 6 duck breasts but infinite possibilities…

Discover our label rouge duck breasts for ever more reassurance.