No half measures with Sarrade rillettes: 100% duck, 100% France, 100% gourmet!

Creation Date

Rillettes, usually made with pork meat, are a must, especially as an aperitif. Sarrade does not deal in the ordinary but in originality with its new product: 100% duck rillettes with duck meat from France as always!

Our rillettes come from ducks born, bred and processed in France and, thanks to our membership in the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, we control all stages: from breeding to processing to guarantee total traceability.

These tasty pieces of duck, mainly wings, are confit in their fat, finely shredded and delicately seasoned for a perfect balance between flavour and gourmet taste.

Sarrade has chosen to offer them in trays for quick removal and can provide great slices at the thickness you want. It will spread easily on your toast with its melting texture that you will find from the first bite. Its trapezoid shape is reminiscent of the shape of a home-made terrine but also allows you to cut the product to order: in slices, cubes or strips, let yourself be inspired by this little wonder. Its 500 g format has been designed to allow you to use it without waste, and, still with this waste reduction in mind, the recipe has been developed so that your portion cost is under control: no loss of material on opening.  

It does not take much to refine them: a few slices of a good toasted bread are enough for simple but tasty pleasure. They also unequivocally replace the classic meats of bagels, burgers, sandwiches, bagnats, burritos & tacos! Use them without moderation!

For a lovely 100% duck & 100% French aperitif, don’t hesitate to combine our rillettes with, for example, our smoked duck breast (SAT 250g tray), our long maturing dried duck breast and one of our semi-cooked foie gras. An alternative is possible by adding delicious slices of Bayonne Ham: guaranteed success!