Flammekueche with Foie Gras and Smocked Duck Breast Lardons

Difficulty :
Preparation :
20 min
Baking :
5 min
Type of recipe :
Main course


300g of fromage blanc 40%
300g of thick cream 30% 
2 egg
300g of caramelised onions
400g of smoked duck beast cut into lardons
400 g of semi-preserved foie gras diced
10 squares of pizza dough 150g


Mix the fromage blanc, cream, salt, pepper and egg yolks

Spread over the pizza dough, add the onions, duck breast, foie gras

Cook in the oven

Cut into small portions

The foie gras terrine used in this recipe was produced from: "Sarrade deveined frozen halal extra raw duck foie gras"

The smoked duck lardons were produced from: "Sarrade frozen halal whole smoked duck magret"

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