Our Bayonne Ham range: fewer preservatives and healthier!

Creation Date

For Sarrade, proposing the best also means reinventing oneself! We make the development of our products our priority: to do so, we continue to seek solutions and innovate in the choice and quality of our ingredients, both in terms of our processing and packaging methods.

That’s why Sarrade is proud to announce today that its entire Bayonne Ham range is now PRESERVATIVE-FREE!

Benefiting from the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), Bayonne ham comes from pigs born and raised exclusively in the South West of France. It is dried and matured in the Adour basin where it acquires its very specific characteristics: its tender texture and delicate hazelnut aroma.

The maturing that follows, lasting at least 9 months, gives it its beautiful colour and its incomparable mildness. 
Finally, it is salted with Salies-de-Béarn salt, also known as ‘white gold’. This 100% natural salt, very rich in minerals, provides one of the most balanced seasoning and, through its slight note of violet, confers the flavour that is typical of Bayonne Ham.

Although this makes the ham exceptional, its quality is not only reflected in its taste or even its origin, but also in its impact on health should be considered. This is why we are committed to offering you healthier products, free of additives.

At Sarrade, we only retain the essential: quality meat thanks to responsible farmers who take care of nature and their animals, authentic know-how and a long maturing process to give the aromas time to develop.

Patience and control, that is also what it took to adapt our manufacturing process and be sure to be able to guarantee you irreproachable quality and safety on this preservative-free range composed solely of natural ingredients known to all.

A real delight to discover straight away!