Our Ham Production Units

The best of our region
Sarrade offers three origins of ham, with unique flavours and flawless traceability. All of our hams are produced and matured at the heart of the Bassin de l’Adour, a location known for its climate, that favours the maturing process for these products.

Bayonne ham production unit 

Sarrade benefits from its position as uncontested leader in the production of our group’s Bayonne Ham every day. This inherited expertise of ancestral savoir-faire allows us to offer our professional clients quality Bayonne Hams.

The Bayonne Ham has benefited from a Protected Geographical Indication since 1998. By combining the ingredients that make up the specific production methods, the PGI ensures above all the authenticity of the Bayonne Ham, in addition to it being a traditional product of the South-West region and the traceability of all of the stages of the production process.


Carte descriptive sur zone d'élevage, d'abattage et de transformation du Jambon de Bayonne IGP
Farming, slaughter and processing zones for our PGI Bayonne Ham

Located at the heart of the farming and maturing region of the Bayonne Ham, Sarrade participates in the sustainability of pork farmers in the South-West, and thus supports local agricultural job prospects - in farming and cereal (corn) crops to feed the pigs.

Pyrénées Ham Production Unit 

The Pyrénées ham is a creation of Sarrade, coming from the gastronomic tradition of our Bassin de l’Ardour curers. With our Jambon des Pyrénées, Sarrade plays its part in the operation of French pork production. In this way, we guarantee you 100% French quality meat and products.

Slowly matured at the foot of the Pyrenees, our ham develops its flavours and tenderness over the course of the months

Pyrénées de Porc Noir Ham Production Unit

Sarrade’s own denomination, Pyrénées de Porc Noir ham is the quality label for ham coming from the black pig. This meat has a unique flavour, ideal for making premium cured products.

To make this exceptional ham, we benefit from the expertise of specialist farmers. We then take advantage of the savoir-faire of the curers at our dedicated site, at the foot of the Pyrenees, which operate until the last months of the maturing process to produce a ham possessing a unique flavour and taste.