Pan-fried escalope of foie gras/,landes carrot chermoula with mandarin and grape pickle

Difficulty :
Preparation :
15 min
Baking :
30 min
Type of recipe :
Main course



150g white grapes
150g red grapes
300g white balsamic vinegar
150g sugar
1 cinnamon stick
10g mustard seeds
10g juniper berries
4 escalopes of foie gras (40/60g)
500g of Landes carrots
1 head of garlic
10 mandarins
10g fresh ginger
2g cumin seeds
1.5l vegetable stock
2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves
2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley
30g butter
Fleur de sel
Mignonette pepper

Mandarin reduction:
4 tablespoons honey
10 mandarins
1 vanilla pod opened and scraped
2g Chinese five-spice powder
2g garam masala
1 clove
2 juniper berries


48 hours in advance:

Deseed and rinse the grapes

Bring vinegar, sugar, cinnamon, mustard seeds and juniper berries to the boil

Allow cooling

Place the grapes in a jar and put over the marinade

Close the jar and set aside for 48 hours

Squeeze the 10 mandarins

Caramelise the honey, deglaze with the mandarin juice and add all the spices for the glaze

Gently reduce to a syrup

Strain and set aside

Peel and slice the carrots and ginger

Peel the garlic and remove the germ (core)

Combine carrots, ginger, cumin seeds and garlic in a saucepan, cover with the vegetable stock

Cook until very tender

Zest the skin of 1 mandarin and set aside

Squeeze the juice from the remaining 10 mandarins

Reduce to the consistency of syrup and set aside

When the vegetables are cooked, strain (keep the stock)

Over the heat, mix the vegetables with the butter, mandarin zest and the mandarin reduction, adding the cooking stock if needed

Mix with the chopped herbs, season

Keep warm

Fry the foie gras escalopes for 2/3 minutes on each side

Keep warm

Form a dome with the carrot purée, top with a strained foie gras escalope, season with fleur de sel and ground pepper

Pat the grapes dry

Garnish with 2 different coloured grapes

Drizzle with the mandarin reduction


Enjoy your meal