Pork Specialities

Our vallued Franch terroir

Flat ventreche with Sarawak pepper

Typical South-West curing with delicate peppery notes

A woody and delicious meat to delight all palates.

A result of local and artisan expertise, our 100% French white pig breasts used for our ventreche are rigorously selected according to a specific specification combining a fleshy thickness and a low lean rate. Its careful deboning off the rib bone by bone is done manually with a thin knife and helps to preserve the fascia and cartilage in order to avoid drying too fast and guarantees an optimal hold of the meat.

Then, with fine salt and cracked Sarawak pepper with woody scents and fresh fruity notes, we sprinkle our breasts by hand. A long seasoning in the mouth to diffuse its aromas while the ventreche melts on the tongue.

While drying for a minimum of 6 weeks, at the foot of the French Pyrenees, with a controlled hygrometry and temperature, our ventreche develops its full-bodied character, its aromatic notes and its tenderness.

Thus, our ventreche combines a taste of character obtained by the selection of pigs, the aromatic low heat cracked pepper and the tenderness of its drying. The Sarrade quality commitment is the guarantee of a 100% French origin from pigs born, raised and processed in France.

It is eaten cold on a plate, on a salad, or with a hot dish.


Coppa perfumed with Côtes de Gascogne

The traditional recipe revisited

A speciality renowned for its melting softness.

Our coppa is made from 100% French traditional white pork loin, entirely defatted and processed in the Bassin de l’Adour. This noble and fresh raw material follows a process rich in traditional French expertise passed down for over 90 years. After having been carefully seasoned with low heat black pepper and perfumed with South-West white wine, then sprinkled with fine salt, our pieces are manually embossed. Each one of them is controlled in order to offer an exceptional product quality.

Our coppa, freely inspired by the Italian recipe, modernised from the South-West with a touch of Côtes de Gascogne wine, is dried in netting for over 8 weeks at the foot of the Pyrenees. This traditional drying lends a homogeneous shape to the piece and ensures a perfect rendering and even slices (9 cm in diameter)


Topside ham dried in netting

The best of the ham with cracked pepper

The most noble part of the ham, the topside is cut in the section called the “round fillet” characterised by its marked taste and melting flavour.

Our ham is made from pork from France processed in the Bassin de l’Adour. This is rigorously selected according to a specification where the thickness and the lean rate are controlled. Thus, we obtain finished products that have less than 12% fat. Only 2 to 3 topsides are extracted from a ham. In other words, we are talking about an exceptional product.

Our topside hams are seasoned with white wine from Côtes de Gascogne in the South-West, with ground pepper and no aroma. Anxious to offer quality products, the parts are thoroughly checked before being embossed and slowly dried. Our topside ham is dried in netting for over 7 weeks in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Time, patience and expertise give a unique speciality, with tight flesh, a typical taste and a homogeneous shape that allows slicing completely even slices.