Potato blini, smoked salmon rillettes, beetroot and coconut coulis

Difficulty :
Preparation :
20 minutes
Baking :
25 minutes
Type of recipe :


Potato blinis :

500g cold mashed potato
3 tbsp flour
3 whole eggs
4 egg whites
3 tbsp creme fariche

Beetroot and coconut coulis:

200g cooked and peeled
30g CAP Fruit vintage coconut purée
A little Espelette pepper
Mix the whole lot in the Thermomix

Salmon rillettes :

300g smoked salmon
1/2 L Jelly
1/2 L Whipped cream
30g green pepper in jus

For decoration : a slice of salmon


Make the salmon rillettes the day before: mix the smoked salmon in the batch processor with jelly that is chilled but not set. Incorporate the whipped cream and green pepper to the jus (strain). Chill overnight.

For the blinis: successively add to the mash the flour, eggs, then the cream and finish off with egg whites formed into stiff peaks. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Cook the blinis in the ghee on a griddle or in a frying pan.

For the beetroot and coconut coulis, mix in the Thermomix all the ingrédients.

Arrange the salmon rillettes in a circle. Finish off with smoked salmon in slices. Remove from the ring and serve with the coconut beetroot coulis.

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Enjoy your meal