Puff pastry with long-aged dried duck breast, ceps and mango, wild pepper, nettle

Difficulty :
Preparation :
20 minutes
Baking :
10 min
Type of recipe :


8 cooked puff pastry rectangles, 10 cm/4 cm
2 "long-aged" duck breasts
150 g ceps
150 g button mushrooms
½ mango
½ chervil bouquet
1 onion
40 g butter
2 handfuls of nettle
Madagascar wild pepper
Ground pepper



Cut 10 slices of duck breast width-wise.
(For ease of dressing, line up the slices accurately, as shown below. Place them on a silicone paper sheet. It can simply be turned over the preparation at the time).
Repeat the process so as to have 8 plates of 10 slices. Place in the fridge to chill.
Keep the duck breast trimmings and dice them.
Peel and finely chop the onion.
Clean and cut the ceps and button mushrooms into small cubes.
Remove the stems from the chervil.
Cut the mango into cubes.
Sweat the onion and diced duck breast in the 20 g of butter. Then add the ceps and mushrooms.
Finish with the chervil sprigs. Season with salt and wild pepper.
When cold, add the mango. Place in the fridge to chill.
Sweat the freshly fallen nettles in the remaining butter.
Add salt and pepper.
Keep cool.
On the puff pastry rectangle, place a base of cooked nettle.
Then a long dome of fruit and mushroom.
Cover with the duck breast slice.
Serve chilled

Enjoy your meal