Rolled Guinea Fowl and Ham

Difficulty :
Preparation :
20 min
Baking :
20 min
Type of recipe :
Main course


4 skinned guinea fowl breasts
4 thick slices of cured ham
4 slices of sheep’s cheese
Chopped thyme
4 sage leaves
Knob of butter


Using a sharp knife, butterfly the guinea fowl breasts (taking care not to cut right through).

Cover them with clingfilm. Flatten them using a small pan.

Season and sprinkle with thyme.

Place the ham and cheese in the centre.

Add 1 sage leaf to each portion.

Roll the breasts tightly and secure them with cocktail sticks.

Brown them in a frying pan with the butter. Finish off in the oven for 15 mins.

After cooking, cut the rolls in 2.

*Serve hot with a herb salad.

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Enjoy your meal