Salmon makes a stunning entrance to the range

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Looking for new delicious and elegant ideas to liven up your menus? Then our new salmon collection is made for you.

Sarrade has designed its new range of salmon products in close consultation with its partner chefs. Convenience was our guiding word for creating these new recipes that respond perfectly to your daily needs. We have designed a frozen range that can be served immediately or given a personal touch, depending on your preferences.

Some of the highlights of this gourmet collection:

Salmon Gravlax (net weight: 500g)

Product features: Sliced and ready to use for cost-controlled portions

Generous slices marinated in a mix of salt and sugar, with a sprinkling of dill. Both succulent and aesthetic, this product pairs perfectly with a grapefruit and quinoa salad or can be served simply on toast with cucumber and a lemon and cream sauce.

Sliced Smoked Salmon (net weight: 400g)

Product features: Includes dividers to make separating slices easier 

For those seeking the authentic taste of delicately sliced beech-smoked salmon. Delicately smoked, with a subtle, creamy texture, this is the perfect product to serve sliced in a delicious salad or added to a cheese cream wrap with a sprinkling of lemon juice, a few slices of cucumber and fresh coriander.

Salmon Tartare Duo (net weight: 320g)

Product features: Small packaging: 4 portions of 80g, no loss of material

Perfect balance between our beech-smoked salmon and perfectly salted and dried salmon. Simple and effective. Serve with lemon juice or a mix of seasonal vegetables.

Salmon Carpaccio (net weight: 80g)

Product features: single-portion packaging, no wasted material and controlled costs

A subtle recipe with extra-thin slices. Our beech-smoked salmon carpaccio pairs perfectly with sweet potato chips or, for a more classic dish, with a salad of young shoots and herbs.

Hot-Smoked Salmon Steak with Sweet Spices (net weight: 100/110g)

Product features: single-portion packaging, no wasted material and cost control

A recipe that awakens the senses and inspires creativity! This delicately spiced steak has the great advantage of being ready to serve hot or cold. As a starter or main course, it can be served cold with a mesclun salad with a splash of balsamic or warm with aromatic basmati rice.

Diced Salmon (net weight: 200g)

Product features: Small packaging, no wasted material

Our beech-smoked diced salmon is a real joy to work with. Hot or cold, it is guaranteed to inspire your creativity. Baked eggs with smoked salmon and a dollop of reduced cream, salad tart and confit chicory... and a whole host of other delicious gourmet ideas that will make your restaurants a true source of inspiration.