The Sarrade foie gras escalopes are a beauty

Creation Date

Sarrade evolves each day to meet the needs of restaurateurs as closely as possible and to anticipate their expectations

Listening to kitchens, from France, from Navarre and from all over the world, Sarrade has developed a new silkscreened container for its escalopes of frozen raw foie gras. Not content at just being aesthetic, this flexible and especially reclosable bag, allows to measure these tasty 100% French escalopes, as required.

Laser cut into meticulously trimmed lobes, sorted and then placed by hand into a tunnel freezer, each escalopes is frozen seperately!

The result on the plate:

  • a minimum melting rate and unsurpassed flavour, thanks to expert selection
  • the assurance of having, with Sarrade, foie gras exclusively selected from our beautiful French countryside
  • a complete control of the portion cost, whether you use the 25-35 g version or the larger 40-60g version in the kitchen!


Ready at your pans! The holidays are approaching, all you have to do is enjoy!

Poche escalopes de foie gras cru surgelées Sarrade 25/35g
Escalopes de foie gras cru surgelées Sarrade 1Kg calibre 25/35g


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