Sarrade refines its curing range

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Sarrade continues to innovate and this year launches its range of premium curing specialities.

Flat ventreche with Sarawak pepper, coppa flavoured with wine from Côtes de Gascogne and topside ham dried in netting according to the local tradition, are part of our current product range. Embellished with selected spices that flavour this rigorously selected Piétrain Landrace Large White 100% French pork meat, our cured meats are then dried for several weeks at the foot of the Pyrenees, humidity and temperature controlled to develop the tenderness, the aroma and the character of each one.

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Flat ventreche with Sarawak pepper

We rigorously select our 100% French white pork breasts before making our ventreche according to the traditional local method. This speciality owes its taste great to hot Sarawak pepper, crushed with woody scents and fresh fruity notes. These flavours subtly echo citrus and promote a long presence in the mouth. Thus, the combination of the selection of pork and the slow drying method in 2 stages, lends our ventreche both a sweet and powerful aroma and an unparalleled tenderness.

Coppa with Côtes de Gascogne aroma

Our French coppa is made from 100% traditional white pork loin entirely defatted and cooked in the Bassin de l’Adour. Our pieces are then carefully seasoned with low heat ground black pepper and South-West white wine from Côtes de Gascogne, a dry and fruity white wine perfectly suited to accompany deli meats. An alliance that lends a fruity note to the melting softness of the Coppa. Its drying at the foot of the Pyrenees allows the meat to develop a unique aroma and a character that is reinforced by the slight touch of wine from Côtes de Gascogne. A unique speciality that reiterates our pride of belonging to the South-West of France.

Topside ham dried in netting

Made from 100% French pork processed in the Bassin de l’Adour, our topside ham is cut from the most noble part of the piece, called the “round fillet” characterised by its particularly melting texture and low fat. Topsides are seasoned subtly with ground black pepper and infused with Côtes de Gascogne wine. The recipe is guaranteed without any added aroma. The netting of this lean meat allows the meat to bind while drying and lends an even and homogeneous product.


Presented in a vacuum sealed bag, these 3 creations are available in half portions to facilitate slicing and allow you to adjust the thickness and length of the slices you want.

Like our other speciality Sarrade pork, ventreche, coppa and topside ham meet the criteria of our French industry and reinforce our commitment to offer quality products, with completely controlled traceability.

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True allies for much more subtle creations, our curing novelties lend themselves to a multitude of scenarios. With a fine melting flavour, each of these creations will reveal their unique character from the first bite.

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