Sarrade Sliced Mi-Cuit Duck Foie Gras Block

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The Sliced Foie Gras Block: intense, fruity flavor.

Wondering how to delight your customers' taste buds in record time? It couldn't be easier with the Sarrade Mi-Cuit Duck Foie Gras Block.    

Perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, this Foie Gras Block is livened with a dash of port and Armagnac for an intense and fruity flavor. Its gentle cooking and packaging in a protective atmosphere enables it to maintain its creamy texture and full flavour.  

To meet your needs in terms of quality and traceability, we respect strict specifications, producing foie gras from ducks born, bred and prepared in France.    

Sarrade 100% french ducks


Practical and easy to use, this format of 8x35g slices allows you to ensure perfect portion control. The round slices also add relief to your dishes.

 Sarrade Duck Foie Gras Block 280g (8 slices)
Sarrade Duck Foie Gras Block 280g (8 slices)


Made even more delicious by the seasoning, this quality Mi-Cuit Duck Foie Gras Block is the perfect addition to your culinary creations.  

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