Sarrade wins the Flavour of the Year Award for Catering

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The Flavour of the Year awards are being consolidated, rewarding products that have distinguished themselves by their taste qualities. In its 2019 edition, the organisers are also celebrating the first Flavour of the Year awards, a quality seal for food products intended for the RHD network. This first edition highlighted the Maison Sarrade which alone has won two awards.

The IQF frozen duck foie gras cutlets 60/80g as well as the semi-cooked whole duck foie gras with grains of paradise and sweet Sarrade spices were awarded.

The first of these products, created to meet the needs of chefs, is a cutlet whose thickness means it can be presented vertically and guarantees a soft and delicate texture. Sarrade selects each liver according to a double process: by classifying it by weight, then by its visual aspect and texture. Only the finest-looking ones are then prepared. They are then delicately laser-cut before the cutlets are individually frozen. A product rewarded by the jury for its practicality and "its speed of cooking without any loss of flavour".

The second award-winning product is distinguished by the subtle and refined accord between the liver and the four spices of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and grains of paradise. 100% French duck foie gras specially chosen to minimise any loss. What caught the jury's attention was "its artisanal flavour, presentation format, and ease of sharing".

You can access recipe videos of these award-winning Flavour of the Year for Catering 2019 Products via the QR codes on the link below.



Translation of the press release written by Saber y Sabor magazine for the Salon du Gourmet

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