Scrambled eggs with porcinimus mushrooms and ham

Difficulty :
Preparation :
5 minutes
Baking :
15 minutes
Type of recipe :
Main course


8 eggs
4 slices of ham
2 tablespoons crème fraiche
4 tablespoons confit porcini
4 slices of sourdough bread
Freshly ground pepper


Season the porcini with salt and pepper; sauté in a pan and keep aside in the warmth.

Break the eggs into a saucepan and season with salt and pepper.

Cook the eggs on a low heat, stirring continually with a wooden spoon until they are cooked but still creamy. Take them off the heat and add the cream.

Pour into the middle of your serving plates. Spread the porcini over the top.

Shred the ham.

Toast the sourdough bread and spread the shredded ham evenly across the top.

Serve next to the porcini and scrambled eggs.

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Enjoy your meal