Time and know-how, the secret to our new dry curred duck

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Dried duck breast, refined French know-how

The duck breasts used to make our long-matured dried duck breasts are cut by hand before being seasoned with salt and pepper and then thoroughly dried. This precise process, which offers itself the luxury of time, gives our speciality a strong, distinctive flavour.

Available in fresh, vacuum-packed format, Sarrade's long-matured dried duck breast is ideal for appetizers. Its entire format allows the restaurateur to offer it in various forms. Sliced lengthwise or widthwise, in thin or thick slices, it is sure to delight the most inventive of our Chefs.

Dried and long-matured whole duck breast

Magret de canard séché long affinage (environ 300g) frais
Dried ans long-matured fresh duck breast (about 300g)


This exceptional recipe is characterised by its 14-day maturation at low temperatures. This gives our dried duck breast its very special flavour, with a texture similar to that of salting and robust and full-bodied notes that remain on the palate. Thus, with its intense taste and unique long finish, our long-matured dried duck breast lends itself to a wide range of subtle and refined creations. 

A little something extra from the chief:

"There is complete happiness in slicing and then tasting this duck breast. Its several-week drying process gives it a powerful scent and taste without causing any loss of softness. It looks like premium deli meats! To be served simply, although... combined with farmhouse bread and thin slices of fresh figs, it is a delight.”

Sarrade's commitment to quality is a guarantee of 100% French origin ducks, born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France.



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