When the gastronomic South-West takes off

Creation Date

Our shared South-West, for almost 170 years

The history of Sarrade is first and foremost a family and local history, which took root in the lands of the Gers in Eauze in 1850. A story of passion for a trusted house that draws its strength from its love for good South-western products, quality, origin and authenticity.

Our core business? Expertise in the specialities of fattened duck and salted meats, from breeding to tasting, supported by an ancestral know-how that we maintain and perfect on a daily basis.

The secret of our workshops? A meticulous cuisine of foie gras and hams produced by our partner farmers, for chefs and catering professionals in search of authenticity, character and finesse.

Between us? A history of terroir and know-how. A story of passion, taste and quality too. A story that we are now orchestrating in a short, innovative, creative and high-end range. A story that we are excited to share in France and all over the world!

High-flying ambitions

We have long been discreet, but proud of our roots, passionate about our products and assured of their quality. We are now spreading our wings and our desire to nourish the culinary identity of Chefs around the world and to support them in their creativity.

Having recently returned from the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, what better French emblem is there than Lyon to start the year? It is in the heart of the Gastronomic capital, at SIRHA, that we will sharpen the creativity of the cooks. In addition to the daily demonstrations on our stand, our products will be cooked and tasted on the Wine bar as well as in some 6e sens restaurants. We will reaffirm loud and clear to the Chefs of France and elsewhere that the duck has not yet had its last word and that it has not finished innovating! In terms of fast casual dining, given our belief that gastronomy can and must go hand in hand with practicality, pleasure and taste, that a high-quality duck can be joyfully and elegantly formed in the expert and creative hands of the most imaginative snack bars, we will offer innovative and original specialities to satisfy all desires. A gastronomic shift in perspective, to the delight of gourmets, who will love to find duck in many other forms!

We also plan to fly to Madrid at the end of April for the Gourmet fair, then continue with a stop in Cologne for Anuga in October and land in style at the Chefs World Summit in Monaco at the end of the year. 100% French foie gras and cured meats, for international ambitions and an inspiring journey to the four corners of the globe!

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