Bayonne Ham

A story of Art and Tradition
Sarrade's Bayonne ham reflects the French way of life. It is an exceptional product because of its unique organoleptic properties conferred bay the Salies-de-Béarn salt, a PGI rock salt, 100% natural and rich in trace elements. Handcrafting the key steps of our ham production is our core business.

For millions of years, naturally present in the groundwater of the Pyrenees, the Salies-de-Béarn salt is protected in the depths of these waters, ten times as salty as the sea. It is obtained by the simple evaporation of the groundwater using a traditional technique: the salt pan. This authentic method makes it possible to harvest this salt of 100% natural origin, rich in trace elements, which confers incomparable culinary qualities. It is this salt, with its special flavours, that we rub on our hams by hand. The amount of salt is precisely dosed in order to obtain the perfect balance of flavours.

We reproduce the natural rhythm of the seasons for the aging of our hams, thus preserving the same conditions as before. After several months of rest in winter temperatures, the hams are left to dry at an ideal temperature conducive to their development. It is at this spring and summer time that they slowly mature and develop their unique colour, flavour and tender texture. After drying, we do apply breading (a mixture of pork fat and flour) for a perfectly homogeneous maturation. The hams are then matured slowly, at mild temperatures reproducing the weather condition of fall in the area of France to give them their exceptional falvours.

Once all these steps are completed, the ham is ready to receive the Lauburu, the famous Basque cross which, like a seal, marks the Bayonne ham and certifies its uniqueness.

The Lauburu, the seal of the Bayonne ham
The Lauburu, the seal of the Bayonne ham


In order to best adapt to the needs of all catering professionals or to answer the problems of caterers, we offer you:

  • A whole and deboned Bayonne Ham (DR): you are in control of the cut and slicing by hand so as to increase the use in the kitchen or to meet the personal requirements of your clients by doing the slicing yourself.
Bayonne Ham 12 months DR
Bayonne Ham 12 months DR


  • Pre-sliced Bayonne Ham with dividers: for direct, easy and practical use. Ideal in making hot or cold tapas, to brighten up salads or in more specialised hot recipes.
Sliced Bayonne Ham 12 slices 250g
Sliced Bayonne Ham 12 slices 250g


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