Duck Foie Gras

Local Excellence
A specialist since 1850, Sarrade offers South-West PGI or “Origine France” Foie Gras products that are adapted to the needs of culinary chefs and catering professionals.

Raw Foie Gras: fresh or frozen, the product in its raw state

The choice and selection of the livers is carried out by sight and touch at our premises, so as to guarantee the best choice of products.

You can choose the quality of the raw foie gras that best meets your cooking needs:


WEIGHT 400g-600g

Light (yellow, beige), uniform and without any visible marks

TEXTURE Supple and smooth appearance
YIELD Excellent firmness after cooking and reduced melting rate
USAGE The most noble raw ingredients, a favorite with chefs thanks to its ability to undergo long cooking. Ideal for making fried escalopes and homemade foie gras terrines

1st Choice

WEIGHT 500g-600g
COLOR Yellow-beige color, but may have some marks
TEXTURE Quite supple
YIELD Good firmness after cooking and average melting rate
USAGE Popular thanks to its good value for money: higher melting than extra but nonetheless a high-quality product. Recommended for foie gras au torchon, for example

 Tout Venant

WEIGHT 300g-700g
COLOR Less uniform, some marks
TEXTURE Quite supple to firm, sometimes grainy
YIELD High melting rate
USAGE Preferrable for making stuffings, pâtés, galantines, parfaits, foie gras blocks and sauces

Fresh Foie Gras

For tradition-lovers, our Foie Gras wrapped in film wrap represents the purest expression of the product, the quintessence of freshness.

  • the product can be touched to test its firmness,
  • available whole or deveined,
  • stored between 0°C and +4°C. Cover the livers in a cloth and avoid stacking so as not to damage the texture.
  • use within 6 days of slaughter for maximum freshness.
  • choice of origin: France or South-West PGI.

In order to respond to the conservation and stock management issues of professionals, Sarrade offers two additional packaging options for its Raw Foie Gras:

  • vacuum packed: longer shelf life (approximately 10 days)
Extra-fresh, ready-to-use Raw Extra Duck Foie Gras
Extra-fresh, ready-to-use Raw Extra Duck Foie Gras

Frozen Foie Gras

Our Foie Gras is frozen a few hours after slaughter to maintain all of the product's qualities and freshness.

Frozen Foie Gras responds to the constraints of catering professionals:

  • it is ready to use: available whole or deveined, plain or lightly seasoned,
  • it has a lower melting rate during cooking thanks to the effects of freezing,
  • it maintains the product's appearance and flavors,
  • it is kept at -18°C for optimum shelf life (8-12 months depending on the product),
  • it is easy to store: leaving more space in the cold room.

Frozen Escalopes of Foie Gras

Foie Gras escalope is an essential element for your recipes. Practical and easy to use, Sarrade’s frozen escalopes are practical and economical:

  • Ready to cook: place directly onto a hot pan (without prior thawing)
  • Practical: frozen individually and packaged in a re-sealable bag, they can be used individually.
  • Controlled cost per portion: the escalopes are already weighed (25/35g, 40/60g)
  • No loss in material and a reduced melting rate 

Mi-Cuit Foie Gras: for ultimate convenience

Mi-Cuit Foie Gras (or semi-preserved) is pasteurized and needs to be stored chilled (in the fridge between 0°C and 4°C).
To meet the demands of your restaurant or speciality store, we have created a range of Mi-Cuit Foie Gras (or semi-preserved), especially designed to be tasty and easy to use.


Offer your guests and clients a little of the South-West by showing them our typical recipes, and those inspired by the South-West.

  • Whole Cooked Foie Gras au Torchon - its careful presentation, the roundness of its slices, the softness and flavors provided by its traditional bouillon cooking.
  • The whole duck Foie Gras recipes with local alcohols, such as Jurançon or Armagnac - packaged in punnets for more “homemade” style slices - highlight the product’s even colour.
  • The unique blend of St Emilion and light spices with whole duck Foie Gras - an original and subtle culinary creation by Sarrade.

Block of Foie Gras with pieces

Made of 30% to 50% of duck Foie Gras pieces, our block with pieces products are characterised by their beautiful veined aspect. Ready to be enjoyed and easily stored, you will be seduced by their practical nature and quality for money, giving you better value per portion.

Block of Foie Gras

An aperitif to be arranged for several guests, a service that needs to be quick and/or a budget to be controlled - our clients face these kinds of situations on a daily basis. Discover our practical solution from amongst the range of Foie Gras blocks - the ready-to-use vacuum-packed secret. A piece of grilled toast to accompany it, a knife and you get gorgeous round block slices, ideal as an appetizer or canapé. For a format more suited to entrées, we also offer 8 ready-to-serve round block slices.

Starter dish with two duck foie gras block toasts on spice bread served with salad and fresh fruit
Starter dish with two duck foie gras block toasts on spice bread served with salad and fresh fruit


Recipes, packaging, implementation - every day, we develop new tasty and practical solutions so that you can save time and control your budget.

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