Fattened Duck

Traditional South-West gastronomy
A specialist in fattened duck, Sarrade offers you certified “Origine France” or South-West PGI meat. We only select the highest quality pieces of duck and carry out the cutting by hand.

Cuts of raw meat

Fresh or frozen, we provide you with the best choice in meat to prepare your dishes: duck breast fillets or tenderloins, legs, gizzards, hearts, etc.

This is why we give pride of place to the duck chop. A gourmet alternative to duck breast, the chop is a traditional cut of fattened duck with bone and skin, which deserves to be discovered. Given the length of the cut, the chop matches the tenderness of duck legs with the taste of duck breast. And because a meat cut on the bone is always tastier, don’t hesitate to mix up the cooking method - pan-fried, oven, barbecued or griddled.

Grilled and seasoned duck chops with seasonal vegetables.
       Sarrade duck chops

Smoked Duck

Lightly seasoned, our duck breasts are slowing smoked over Beachwood sawdust in order to obtain a tender meat with intense flavours. Offered whole or pre-sliced, Sarrade’s smoked duck is perfect in mixed salads or as a tasty appetizer.

In order to maintain the quality of our products, we use sub-atmosphere technology for our sliced smoked duck breasts. This packaging preserves the freshness of the meat and the taste qualities developed during the smoking stage. Practical, the slices peel off easily, saving you time in preparation and ensuring you have a beautifully presented dish.

Whole smoked magret on a chopping board with a few ready-to-eat slices.
Sarrade smoked magret

Duck Confit

Because duck lends itself so well to confit, we can help you in the preparation of your hot recipes: legs or gizzards, our meats are lightly glazed in duck fat and seasoned with garlic and pepper. The duck, boasting succulent flavours, is incredibly tender and melts in your mouth.

To share these culinary experiences with our professional clients, our range of duck confit products is specially adapted for everyday kitchen use.

  • great shelf life (90 days).
  • packaging formats suitable for all sizes of establishment (1, 4 or 12 legs),
  • Quick and practical, a short time in the oven and it is ready to be served.

Sarrade advantages: our confits are cooked in duck fat. We therefore recommend placing them still in their packaging in a bain-marie to slightly melt the fat. This makes products easier to use individually and means that the fat can be used in your recipes.

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Whether you are in the restaurant, catering, or even the food distribution business, our sales advisers are here to answer your questions and help you chose the Sarrade products for your needs.

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