French Pork Production Units

The excellence of a perpetuated know-how

Our carefully selected 100% French origin pigs are raised free of antibiotic treatment from birth. We constantly strive to present a flawless quality and traceability for our range through French breeders that are totally invested in this process. We rely on the expertise of our meat curers and the quality of the ingredients used to perfect our products. Also, lending character and finesse, is the drying of our cured products at the feet of the Pyrenees, the key to our manufacturing process.


Flat ventreche with cracked Sarawak pepper

A curing typical of our region delivered to the taste of the South-West, tame and spicy. 

Coppa with a Côtes de Gascogne aroma

The birth of a marriage of flavour and character thanks to an alliance with a typical South-Western wine and 100% French pork to create a French coppa.

Topside ham cured in netting

The well-kept secret delicacy of the region is a topside ham cured in netting, according to local tradition.


Our entire speciality range has been carefully developed based on this 100% French origin.