Our Smoked Salmon Expertise

The art of finesse
A quality smoked salmon requires rigour and patience throughout its preparation.

At Sarrade, all the teams at our dedicated salmon site undertake every stage with care and meticulousness.


For this, we can count on the expertise of the professionals at our sites. The salmon fillets are cut by hand, a precise and sure act acquired throughout the years, in order to maintain the structure and meat of the fish.


The salmons are salted with dry salt by hand using the traditional salting technique. In order to maintain the right balance and flavour of the salmon, the amount of salt is specifically measured for each fillet.


The salmon fillets are smoked over beachwood sawdust. This is ideal as it possesses indisputable aromatic qualities.


This resting time allows all of the flavours to develop during smoking, harmoniously spreading over all of the fish.

Anxious to please our gastronomy professional clients, Sarrade provides you with all of its savoir-faire to offer you exceptional Smoked Salmon products.


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