Our Foie Gras Expertise

The art of foie gras
At Sarrade, the art in the manufacturing of Foie Gras is a subtle mixture of tradition and innovation, giving an exceptional product.

A legacy of yesteryear

Since 1850, Sarrade has been committed to perpetuating the traditional practices of production of foie gras. To do so, we can count on the expertise of the professionals at our sites: distribution according to their categories (weight) selection of foies by eye and touch to distinguish the nicest, cut of the meat, meticulous deveining so as not to spoil the material, etc. All the crucial production stages are carried out by hand.

Innovative cuisine

Our demand for quality pushes us to improve every day, both our recipes and our methods, to best meet the requirements of our clients.

Of our innovations, you'll find:

Protective atmosphere technology: Launched by Sarrade in 2005, packaging in a protective atmosphere is used notably for our Raw Foie Gras. There are various benefits:

  • the quality of the pre-packed foie gras: identical sorting, order preparation, freshness,
  • preservation of texture: it is easier to feel the product than with vacuum packing,
  • food safety, 
  • a longer expiration date than with the pre-packed,

This procedure, carried out using a protective gas, preserves the quality of the product:

  • by reducing the quantity of oxygen found in the packaging to maintain the humidity of the product.
  • by preventing the growth of air-born microbes

IQF fast freezing (Individual Quick Frozen or individual fast freezing): Very practical for products like foie gras escalopes, this conservation method makes it possible to fast-freeze products individually for increased practicality and to preserve all of their nutritional and flavor qualities.

  • Very rapid cooling at a very low temperature preserves the product's natural condition (no ice-block effect) in order to maintain its original texture and appearance.
  • temperature control at or below -18°C reduces thawing during cooking

The biologically controlled room (or white room): Built into our processing site, this room makes it possible to slice and package our pasteurized products in a controlled atmosphere for bacteriology control. Access to this area is strictly limited and the care taken over its maintenance guarantees the safety and quality of our products. This is also where our sliced 30% pieces foie gras block is packaged.

Every day at our sites, endeavour to create new recipes, seasons, preservation methods and products. As proud upholders of the South-West culinary tradition, we maintain the Sarrade savoir-faire surrounding one founding principle: to protect the flavours of our region in order to celebrate the creativity of our professional clients of the catering industry.