Our Foie Gras Production Units

Guaranteed high standards
Since 1850, Sarrade has perpetuated the Foie Gras tradition and the traditional flavors of the South-West of France.

Fully controlled production

From egg to plate: cooperation dedicated to gastronomy

Since 1998, Sarrade has been part of the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour in the Landes region, as close as possible to our farmers. This proximity enables us to draw on all of the skills of our member farmers to guarantee unquestionable quality and fully controlled traceability.

This means that, from reproduction to processing, Sarrade controls every step of the production of its Foie Gras and Duck Meat from France and the South-West PGI.

  • Hatcheries: all ducklings are born in France, primarily in our hatchery in Aignan (32). These are Mulard males, a race of duck popular for the quality of its meat and foie gras.
  • Raising: the ducklings are entrusted exclusively to the excellent care of our member farmers in the South-West and Vendée regions. They are raised free-range for 10-12 weeks.
  • Feed: the ducks are fed with GMO-free (< 0,9 %) corn grown under the expertise of Maïsadour Semences and harvested in France.
  • Fattening: for at least 10 days with 2 meals per day composed of at least 95% entirely French corn*.
  • Slaughter: our St Sever and La Pommeraie sites are located near rearing and processing sites to ensure short circuits and the wellbeing of animals by limiting transport time.
  • Cuts and processing: Our Foie Gras and Duck Meats are packaged in our dedicated sites in St Sever (40) and La Pommeraie (85) within 12 hours of slaughter, in order to maintain freshness and flavor. Our processed products are finished in our workshops in St Pierre du Mont (40).

*95% corn for “Origine France” duck and 98% for PGI duck.

The collaboration with local farmers, the attention paid to all our free-range farmed ducks, the art of seasoning, the creation of tasty recipes - all of these ingredients make Sarrade an expert in Fois Gras and the best partner for gastronomy professionals.

French ducks and passionate farmers

Mulard duck specialists, our farmers are located in the South-West of France and the Vendée and are all members of the Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour.

This collaboration with our farmers is manifested in daily support of their development and practices in order to:    

  • guarantee them access to 100% natural feed rich in corn for raising and fattening,
  • ensure the good health of the ducks with regular vet check-ups,
  • ensure good farming conditions and the wellbeing of animals (outdoor space, shared shelters, maintenance of buildings, material, respect of legislation in force, etc.),
  • respect hygiene standards (rest periods for every building in every farm),
  • offer them long-lasting economic opportunities to ensure ongoing agricultural activities in the countryside.

Every day, Sarrade works hard to create a bridge between the world of agriculture and the world of gastronomy. Our professional clients have access to authentic products that result from the work of our farmers, which enhance their cuisine and their recipes. What is more, they share in the transfer of the values of our region and our French savoir-faire.

Transparency, traceability and quality certificates

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the promotion and durability of French expertise.

Filière 100% France

That's why 100% of our Foie Gras and Duck products are produced from ducks born, raised, slaughtered and prepared in France, in the South-West and Vendée regions.

The Sarrade Foie Gras and Duck produced in the South-West is also certified with a South-West of France Duck Foie Gras Protected Geographical Indication (Chalosse, Gascony, Gers, Landes, Périgord, Quercy). The PGI geographical area covers 13 departments in the Aquitaine, Mid-Pyrénées and Corrèze regions and a part of the Aude, in the traditional birthplace of foie gras farming, fattening and processing.

South-West Duck Foie Gras PGI Label certifying the origin of Sarrade products

Every day, Sarrade contributes to the development of local and sustainable agriculture and offers cooking professionals outstanding products.