Our Ham expertise

Traditional cured meats
Because a good ham needs work, patience and passion, Sarrade implements everything so that the Bayonne Hams, the Pyrenees Hams and the Jambons des Pyrénées de Porc Noir live up to their good name.

Production secrets of our hams

This inherited savoir-faire of our curers is still carried out today. We value carrying out the key ham-production stages by hand.


Our hams are rubbed with dry salt from the Salies de Béarn by hand, so that the quantity of salt is measured precisely for each piece of ham to obtain the perfect balance of flavours.

Used for centuries in the South-West, the exceptional salt, rich in trace elements, is one of the cornerstones in the production of Bayonne Ham. The Salies de Béarn Salt has benefited, and rightly so, from a Protected Geographical Indication since the summer of 2016.


After a resting period of several months at cool temperatures, the hams are placed in our drying chamber at room temperature. This is where they slowly begin to mature and develop their colour, their flavour, and their texture.


The maturing stage is the keystone in production. This is the stage that allows each ham to develop its distinctive character. Throughout the course of this long and slow maturing process, magnified by the exceptional climate of the Bassin de l’Adour, the hams acquire their organoleptic qualities, their flavour, and their texture, for a singularly unique result for your palate.  

Throughout the year, our curers put their savoir-faire and their passion into their work to offer you truly authentic gastronomical gems of the South-West.


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