Our smoked salmon products

The ocean’s finest
Smoked salmon is a refined product, and its freshness and tenderness are noticed from the aperitif.

A time-saving trick, control of cost per portion, Sarrade Smoked Salmon products are, first and foremost, thought of for our professional clients in the restaurant and catering sectors.

In order to accompany you in your culinary dishes, we have created quality and practical products that are easy to implement.

If you want to start with a fresh and tasty product, the Sarrade Salmon Carpaccio, with its generous slices and its subtle lemon oil, will delight the most demanding of your clients.

For more creative dishes and your signature recipes, we likewise offer you Smoked Salmon, the size of which is perfect for making your delicious salmon tartare, to be brightened up with some small, colourful vegetables and with this sauce, for which only you know the secret.

Recipes, packaging, implementation - every day, we develop new gourmet and practical solutions so that you can save time and control your budget.

Need advice on our products?

Whether you are in the restaurant, catering, or even the food distribution business, our sales advisers are here to answer your questions and help you chose the Sarrade products for your business.

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