Pyrénées de Porc Noir Ham

Local, elegance, excellence
The Pyrénées de Porc Noir Ham is the ham of gourmets.

Let your most gourmet clients discover the uniqueness of the Porc Noir des Pyrénées Ham. In the production of premium cured products, this more elegant porc noir meat possesses exceptional taste qualities.

In fact, the porc noir meat is naturally more fatty, giving us a ham for meat sprinkled with chopped parsley. This distinctive characteristic gives it its characteristic veiny appearance and its unique texture. In order for the fat to easily melt in your mouth and give off its flavours, associated to the full-bodied taste of the meat, the slice must be thin. This allows this unique texture and long finish to be fully appreciated.

Our Jambons des Pyrénées de Porc Noir are salted with Salies-de Bearn salt. They benefit from a minimum of 16 months of maturing at the foot of the Pyrenees. This long maturing stage allows the meat to develop its characteristic organoleptic qualities (a more full-bodied taste).

Offered whole (deboned and reconstructed) or in slices with dividers, the Jambon des Pyrénées de Porc Noir is to be enjoyed on its own, as an elegant aperitif, or in more creative hot or cold dishes.

Sarrade ham

To find out more about our Pyrénées de Porc Noir Ham range and our other cured specialities, don’t hesitate to contact your region’s salesperson.

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