Pyrénées Ham

Fruit of our expertise
Pyrenees Ham is born from the tradition of our salters in the Bassin de l'Adour.

A local discovery

Coming from 100% French pork, the Pyrénées Ham  is rubbed with dry salt by hand and slowly aged under the careful eye of our curers at our site in the Bassin de l’Adour. There, it has all the time to develop it characteristic taste: notes of salt provided by the Salies de Bearn salt and a delicate and slightly fruity flavour, developed during the ageing process.

Ally of creative recipes

To increase recipe ideas and uses in the kitchen, all the while controlling your budget, Sarrade offers whole Jambon des Pyrénées (deboned and reconstructed) or pre-sliced with dividers (around 20 grams) for your salad or tapas dishes.

Generally associated with typical dishes from the South-West region, for which the indispensable pan-fried ham slices accompanied with fried eggs and piperade is indispensable, the Pyrénées Ham presents numerous culinary benefits:

  • Hot or cold use: It can be lightly pan-fried or even oven-cooked without losing its organoleptic qualities and texture
  • Unique texture: It preserves its texture after being cooked
  • Gourmet cuisine: Its incomparable flavour and generous amount are a source of inspiration for your aperitifs, entrées or main meals.
Pyrenees Ham and Ewe's Cheese Crostinis
Pyrenees Ham and Ewe's Cheese Crostinis


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