The Sarrade Trusted Name

Founded in 1850
Trust has always been a key value for us ever since the start of our gastronomical adventure. Our demand for quality, “local production and consumption”, in addition to respecting flavour is pushed to the forefront - a Sarrade product is a product that you are happy to cook, taste, and share.

Sarrade’s Trust and Quality Promise

Our obligations to our clients rest on 5 pillars:

  • Controlled Production: We rigorously select our raw materials to guarantee you quality products and a flawless traceability of our three product lines (fattened duck, ham and cured products and smoked salmon link to the 3 production unit pages).
  • High Standards: We put in place very strict specifications, respecting animal well-being and the work of the farmers, all the while adhering to changes in health standards and requirements.
  • Healthy and safe products: Our production sites undertake a HACCP* quality approach and are IFS Food** certified, demonstrating our commitment for food safety.
  • Innovative technologies (duck savoir-faire link) maintain all the flavours of our products in order to better enhance your cuisine know-how and your more creative recipes.
  • Our products thought for professionals: chefs in gastronomic catering, bistros, mass catering, caterer, etc. We are ready to help offer you practical advice that is adapted to your culinary needs and product presentations according to your client’s needs.


Old Sarrade Trusted Name founded in 1850
Old Sarrade Trusted Name founded in 1850
*HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point) is an approach, a work method, that aims to determine the important points of a production process, in order to control them and continually improve them. HACCP deals with food safety with regards to bacteriology and the presence of undesirable chemical or physical elements.
** IFS Food: the IFS Food certification (International Feature Standard - Food) is based on audit documents that confirm the quality of the products and production. It is awarded by a certifying body/third-party body following the assessment of a production site’s compliance in its production and packaging processes with regards to its ability to offer safe and health products that can be marketed.