Sarrade’s history from 1850 to the present day

Sarrade’s history is first and foremost a story about family and a passion for the South-West region terroir.


Jean-Saturnin Sarrade founds The Sarrade Trusted Name, Véritables Foies Gras d'Armagnac and Conserves Alimentaires de Luxe, with the unique motto "Qui m'gusto m'aimo"*. (*What I savour, I like)

The first logo of the Sarrade brand in 1850
The first Sarrade logo


Léon Sarrade follows the footsteps of his father and takes the family business to a higher level. By focusing all his savoir-faire about Foie Gras, Léon developed the first Foies Gras at a reduced cooking time. Quickly, the reputation of our Foies Gras, went beyond the borders of the South-West and Sarrade became a recognised supplier to several courts of Europe.


Léon Sarrade, the entrepreneur who developed the Sarrade company
The entrepreneur León Sarrade



When Jean-Eucher succeeded his father as the head of the company, the Serrade Foies Gras adorned almost all of the top restaurants (the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo, The Mère Brazier in Lyon, The Grand Vefour in Paris, to name but a few).


The development of the family business continued under the aegis of Roger Sarrade, the son of Jean-Eucher until 1997 when Sarrade became part of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group, at the heart of the Landes region and even closer to the duck farmers, in order to acquire new skills and ensure the control of its production units.


Sarrade rounds off its gastronomy expertise by taking on another emblematic speciality of the South-West: Bayonne Ham  and other cured specialities. A few years later (2013), Sarrade launched its first range of Smoked Salmon products.

To this day, Sarrade continues the gastronomical tradition of the South-West in order to offer our professional clients in the restaurant and catering sectors quality products that fit in with their daily cuisine.

As such, we have been a member of the Toques Blanches International Club  since 2013.

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