There’s no treat to compare with a fine piece of duck!

Make your diners happy by offering duck in your brasserie or casual fine dining restaurant.

Foie gras, breast and confit, but filets and wing drumettes too: all these cuts are ideal!

You don’t need to serve foie gras to seduce your guests: you can win their hearts just as easily by serving other cuts in an up-to-date way.

Filets and wing drumettes: two products with a special flavour and a lower cost per portion than breast or confit, but sometimes shunned to a certain extent by restaurateurs.

Cook with diversity, and make a difference with duck!

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Duck: so on trend!

Classic, revisited or innovative… there’s a duck recipe for every need and using any cut. Serving duck in simple yet modern dishes will mark you out from the competition, with a distinctive and fashionable offer that’s sure to please: Tagliatelle with smoked duck breast, foie gras penne or pizza, surf and turf croustade with confit duck gizzards etc. If you’re lacking in imagination where duck is concerned, Sarrade is not, and can help you with the latest on-trend recipes!